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 Due to frequent adjustment of the Taobao API interface,


Item searching in taobao agent system is becoming more and more unstable. 

We decided to use our new website as taobao agent website . 

The taobao ordering process on new website is much easier to understand,

and ordering process is also much simpler than this old website. 

New process


1)  register on our new website ( and get the ID

      2)  send us this form (download) to let us know what you want to buy.

We will post a purchase page on our new website and inform you.


This page will list all the items you want to buy and fees you need to pay.

3)  you pay this page and the purchase process is done 

We will proceed your taobao order once the payment is received. 



TBSS website will still be open

till the last order in this website is shipped 




Please cumminicate and send form  to our facebook account :  


  Crystal Yi (Taobao Agent)








Customer Service Contact 


 Email :


 Facebook: Crystal Yi (Taobao Agent)





















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