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Order Status

Order Status


1. Wait Goods Payment


After an order is generated, you will get an order number and the status is "wait goods payment" before payment of goods is completed


2. Wait Goods Checksum


After payment of goods is completed, TBSS need to check with Taobao stores to confirm the goods instock and the status will be changed to" Wait goods checksum"


3. Procurement of Order


Once TBSS is confirmed with Taobao Store that the goods instock, TBSS will start to purchage the items from Taobao. The order status will be changed to be" Procurement of Order"



4. All Procurement of Goods Have Been Completed

After all of your ordered items arrive at our warehouse, the order status will changed to "All Procurement of Goods Have Been Completed "


5. Wait Pay the Freight

After all items arrive, we will repack the items of a same order into one package and will upload weight and dimesion to your order information and the system will give prices of different shipping methods. And the order status will be changed to " Wait pay the freight", then you need to click the order number to pay the freight.


6. Freight Has Been paid


After the total freight is paid, the order status will be changed to "Freight Has Been Paid"


7. Has Been Shipped


After TBSS ships your order, the order status will be changed to "Has been shipped "


8. Completed


60 days after the order is shipped with no feedback from the buyer or order is comfirmed received, the order status will be changed to "Completed "


9. Refunded


Sometimes, the item you ordered maybe not available in the Taobao Store, or there are other issues cause order failure, TBSS will send you refund of the order after your refund request. The order status will be changed  to " Refunded" after refund is completed (Please note, paypal fee, credit card fee or bank fee cannot be refund, which has been charged by the third party, and these fees also need to be deducted from the refunded moneyby the third party)