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Pricing & Purchasing





Total Payment =  First Payment (item price + TBSS Service fee 10%) + Second Payment (Domestic & International Shipping Fee+TBSS service fee10%) + Payment commission for different payment methods 



---First Payment---



1.    Item Price: 

The item price is shown on the product page.


2.    TBSS Service Fee

The service fee of TBSS is the 10% of item cost(item cost x 10%). But beyond that, We are collecting payment commission (please refer to payment comssion chart below)


Note : our minimum item cost service fee  is 6 USD per parcel; TBSS will still charge you 6 USD even if 10% of your total item price on a single oorder is less than 6 USD.


For example:

if the items cost 78 USD and domestic shipping fee is 7.80 USD, YOYBUY will charge you 8.58 USD service fee.

(78+7.8)×0.10 = 8.58 USD


If the items cost 15.60 USD, TBSS will charge you 6 USD even though the sum is only 1.56 USD.


15.6×0.10 6 USD




---Second Payment---




 1. Domestic Shipping Fee

Taobao sellers send goods to our warehouse willl charge shipping fee. Buying multiple items from the same seller will save you a lot on domestic shipping. Most domestic delivery companies charge 10 to 30 RMB per kilogram. The fee differs according to the courier, parcel weight, and distance between seller and buyer's locations. 


2. International Shipping Fee

We will check the weight for each item when your items arrive at our warehouse. We will put weight and package dimesions into your order information and the system will give you different shipping methods with international Shipping Fee based on the weight and dimestions information, you can select the shipping methods and then pay the freight 


3. TBSS Service Fee of  Total Freight


TBSS will charge 10% comission of total Freight (Doemstic+International) when you pay the freight



Total Freight Fee = (Domestic Shipping Fee + Internationa Shipping Fee ) + 10% ( (Domestic Shipping Fee + Internationa Shipping Fee )


Please Click here for International Freight Estimate


Handling charges for different payment methods:



Credit Card





Western Union   

Wire transfer   









Bank service









Note: Free means TBSS will not charge you any bank service fee - your bank will.