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Parcel Tracking

We ship all products via SFC, one of the biggest international shipping forwarders in China. We will upload 2 tracking numbers for each order, one is SFC tracking number, you can track your parcel on SFC's website; and we will also upload official tracking number by different shipping method you choose, which you can track it on the carrier's website



SFC tracking number : Z1PA0XXXXXXXX

Tracking Website : www.sendfromchina.com


Note: Normally, SFC tracking number will be provided the same day when a parcel is shipped. Carrier's tracking number will be available in 2 or 3 days after a parcel is shipped

TBSS will ship your order immediately once the freight is paid. TBSS will upload tracking number to your order information and you can click " Order tracking " ot track your order directly when your order status changes to be " Has been shipped"



Click " Order Tracking" on above page and you will see where your order is now . But please understand detailed tracking information will be online in 3-5 days after order is shipped



Note: 0nly registered air mail and express shipping method and provide tracking number. Normal Air Post will have no tracking# and cannot be tracked. We sincerely recommend you choose Registered Air Mail or EMS, which is safe and has low risk to be checked customs  








Tracking Website of Different Carriers



EMS tracking website

http://www.ems.com.cn/ or http://www.trackingkit.com/


DHL Tracking Website








Air parcel, SAL parcel or airmail for small packages


If tracking number is CP********CN, RR*********CN or RA*********CN, please click here.


If you tracking number is RT*********HK, please click here


You can use that tracking number to track your parcel through the carriers' and recipients' website. You can also click the carriers and recipients' country to check the parcel status.

Here are the carriers:Hong Kong Post, China Post (SAL Airmail) and China EMS.


Here are the recipients:

A: America, Arab, Arabia, Armenia, Afghan, Austria, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Albania

B: Brazil, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Belgium

C: Croatia, Chile, Canada, Cyprus, Costa Rica, Cambodia, China

D: Denmark

E: Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia

F: Finland

G: Greece, Germany, Greenland

H: Hungary, Hong Kong

I: Indonesia, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Iceland, Iran

J: Japan

K: Korea, Kazakhstan

L: Lithuania, Luxembourg, Lebanon, Latvia, Liechtenstein

M: Moldova, Malta, Mexico

N: Norway, New Zealand, Nigeria

P: Portugal, Poland, Peru, Puerto Rico, Pakistan

Q: Qatar

R: Russia, Romania

S: Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia

T:Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, Tanzania, Tunisia

U: United Kingdom, Uruguay, Ukraine

V: Vanuatu


Note: sometimes, tracking information on carrier's website does not update in time due to slow transmission, you will need to wait 3 to 7 days to recheck the website. You could also contact our customer service if you still can find where you parcel is or the tracking information doesn't update for long time