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Weight Estimation

Estimated Weight

Our weight estimation chart is from our items data, just covers some parts of hot items in tbsourcingservice.com. Most of them showed general weights so that can only help you view and estimate items'shipping cost timely.


Commodity Weight
Wind Coat 400g
Jeans 500-750g
Coat 1600g
Purse 350g
Sport Shoes 1200-1800g
Gloves 350g
Girdle 450g
Shirt 300g
Sweater 400g
Handbag 1200-1800g
T-shirt 400g
Men's shirt 750-900g
Hat 250g
Scarf 550-900g


Commodity Weight
Computer 1500-5000g
Tablet PC 1200g
Desktops 500g
laptops 800-2200g
keyboards 400-800g
Mouse 50g
USB accessories 30g
CPUs 500-800g
Printers 2000g
Cell phone 300-800g
Cell phone batteries 80g
Cell phone case 80g
Speakers 500g
Cables 80g
Card reader 30g
Remote control 500-2000g
LED light 500g
e-book readers 400g
MP3 & MP4 30-150g
Baby monitor 250g
Speakers 500g
Earphone & Headphone 300-800g

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