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BJD and doll related stores



Taobao official store of legit brand BJD

















BJD Clothing/wig/shoes/eyes

Sunny's World  Tata's Paradise Endless M3 Studio 酷印KY Infinite Love Hellebous Sunfolowers  灰叔 落叔  Amors   Greentime猫血统 A-D Miya 少年Rapheal  NY PH  Doll mart  鳗玩意 Aristocratic Litcht2.5D 娃娃梦工厂 Fuga's  M7 迷你童话 青橘子  BJD好娃衣 花潾 camilla wig  Cinderella  猫的私物 月影居(shoes)  MVS MONO 奈须原 兰亭





BJD Accessories wholesale/factory

BJD  Glass Eyes  Factory ( retail &wholesale)   金鹏假发(BJD wig wholesale) 越洋假发(BJD wig wholesale)  漂流假发(wig wholesale)  M-style(sport shoes) 深蓝鞋业(BJD shoes wholesale) 木啊木(BJD eyes wholesale



BJD DIY Supplies

原木河  YYM  邻客手工(doll clothing mateiral supplies)  墨叔  怪黎叔(e-pattern of BJD clothing) 娃衣制作(e-pattern of BJD clothing)



BJD photography background

琉璃月 网上超市

 BJD Furniture














Quick Item Search Tips





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Secondly, use the Chinese keyword to search item on Taobao


Thirdly,  find the item you are looking for under the keyword search


Lastly,  copy and paste the TAOBAO ITEM URL into search box of www.tbsourcingservice.com and search. Then you can place order now




BJD Related Items Quich Search

BJD Clothes 1/6 size      1/6 stocking   1/6 underwear  1/6 hats  1/6 shirt  1/6 pants 
  1/4 size 1/4 boy 1/4 girl  1/4 stocking 1/4 gloves  1/4 underwear  1/4 hats  1/4 Shirts  1/4 pants
  1/3 size 1/3 boy 1/3 girl  1/3 stocking 1/3 gloves  1/3 underwear  1/3 hats  1/3 Shirts 1/3 pants 
  70cm size 70cm uncle 70cm girl 70cm stocking  uncle gloves  uncle or 70cm female underwear    70cm Shirts 70cm Pants 
  IPLE EID EID male EID female         EID Shirts  EID Pants 
BJD Shoes  1/6 size    1/6 sneakers/sports            
  1/4 size 1/4 High heel 1/4 sneakers/sports 1/4 boots          
  1/3 size 1/3 High Heel 1/3 sneakers sports 1/3 boots          
  uncle size  High Heel sneakers sports boots          
BJD Eyes Glass Eyes                
  Acrylic Eyes                
 BJD Body Parts head  hands feets  body  horns  wings   masks    
BJD Furniture/Box bed chair safa table closet box      
BJD Wig 1/6 wig 1/4 wig 1/3wig mohair heat resistant